The Burmese Smoking Dragon Dance

'The most efficient way to introduce freedom into a repressed society is through dance' - Karl Marx. I just made that quote up, but Burma will never be the same after my night of pure wizardry and dance. Yeah, right. Anyway, we all had fun and no one got hurt. Burma rocks!
Laos Bridge.jpg

The Day After That Day

You gotta be kidding me!!! Another river crossing??? Surely I will get to my destination soon, right? Wrong! So how do you top a day of elephant rides and muddy motorbike adventures in Laos? Read on my friends, I'll show you how.
King Of Bus - Vang Vieng - Laos

King Of Bus

If I bumped into you at a party and called you 'King Of Bus', would you be offended? Flattered? Confused? Waterfalls. Dirtbike. Blue Lagoon. Laos is simply amazing!