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Lex Latkovski – About Me

Lex Latkovski

Hello, My Friends,

I’m Lex Latkovski, serial traveler, adventure seeker and author of Passport Forward: Moving from Regrets and Routine to Freedom, Passion, and Adventure.

I inspire and entertain people with my authentic and funny travel stories and random observations.

Have you ever started something without knowing exactly how you were going to make it work?

Or have you ever taken the path less traveled and stumbled upon an interesting discovery or person?

Well, we might have something in common.

“Begin well and do not fear the end.”

By sharing my adventures and discoveries with you, I hope to inspire and entertain you. I’m not necessarily asking you to hop on a plane or eat crazy foods or ride a motorcycle through Laos for 17 days. I’ll do that for you.

But maybe you can take a step in the right direction to live the life you really want and explore your full potential. How powerful can you be?

I believe life should be an amazing adventure, so I’m doing my best to live my life to the fullest while I can.

So thanks for reading The Lexpedition.

I want you to laugh and see the world and your life as an endless source of adventure and opportunity. I want you to live a fulfilled life with no regrets. And I invite you to chase your dreams while you can.

Life is good. Enjoy the ride.

Thank you and good luck!

Lex Latkovski
Cruise Director of the USS Lexpedition


Here is a Deeper Dive into Who I am


  • I love to travel…
    • So far I have been to 83 countries in the world. Did you know… there are 201 countries in the world? – It’s true… So I still have lots to see.
    • I have visited all 50 U.S. States (yes, including Alaska AND Hawaii). And, believe it or not, my two younger brothers, Dominic and Brennan, have also visited all 50 U.S. States. Imagine that… three dudes in the same family who have visited all 50 U.S. States?
    • I have visited six of the seven continents (only Antarctica currently eludes me).
    • My parents gave me a complete set of luggage for my high school graduation present. I figured they were telling me to get lost. I thought it was a gift that I would not really use. Two years later I was living in Dublin, Ireland for two months and then to Madrid for a semester. I guess they knew my future better than I did.
    • I spent two semesters at the University of Madrid as part of the Vanderbilt-In-Spain program. Almost every weekend, a bunch of us would go see a different part of Spain or Portugal, or even Morocco.  At the end of my Spring semester in Madrid, Mitch, Paul, Chuck and I toured Europe on a Eurail train pass.
    • So far my favorite place in the world is in the Himalayas of northern India (Ladakh and Zanskar areas.) Been up there trekking for four summers already.
    • My favorite country so far is Laos… by a huge margin.
    • My favorite beaches so far are Gili Meno in Indonesia and Boracay in the Philippines. Simply gorgeous places.
  • Sometimes I travel alone. Sometimes I travel with friends. Sometimes I travel with loved ones. Mostly I just travel.
  • I have eight sweet and beautiful nieces and nephews, whom I love (and miss) dearly. It’s good to be Uncle Lex.
  • I love bullet points. And coffee.
  • I have lived at Yokoji Zen Mountain Center (a Japanese Zen Meditation Center) in southern California for 16 months over the past few years. When I grow up I will be a Zen Master.
  • I work hard to make and save money so I can go travel.
  • My favorite color is blue. I don’t watch much TV. I stay away from drama and dramatic/high-maintenance people. I am available for parties.
  • I like being nice to people.
  • I like making people laugh.
  • The worst beer I ever had was delicious.