So far I have been to 80 countries on this glorious planet. And I have more adventures ahead.

Welcome to the Chronology of my travels. There are several components to my Chronology:

The first is the list of countries I have visited, including the first year I was there (see below).

The second list shows the details of my 499-day journey that I call “The Lexpedition 2.0.”

The details of my “Lexpedition 3.0” trip (448 days) are provided in the third list.

The fourth gives you the data for my adventures since August 2014, aka “The Lexpedition 4.0.”

The Compiled List shows ALL the details from The Lexpedition 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0. It’s pretty cool, as you can see my repeat visits to the same cities, islands or countries over many years of travels.

List of Countries I Have Visited

Here are the countries I have visited and the first year I was there. The list begins in 1979 when my family went to Tijuana, Mexico on our cross-country trip in our red Volkswagen van. My list includes “The Lexpedition 1.0” – my travels prior to my first major trip in 2006


List of Countries I Have Visited
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Next Step: Check out the details of my 499-day journey that I call “The Lexpedition 2.0.”