Begin well and do not fear the end.



I have been to 83 countries, 6 continents, and all 50 US states

I inspire people to live a life of passion and no regrets



Want to Have me on Your Podcast or Hear Me Speak?

Many people say their biggest fear in life is public speaking. Not me!

I have spoken to audiences of 250+ people as well as to smaller groups in more intimate settings. I have also been a guest on many podcasts (see below).

What you can expect from me as a speaker or podcast guest:

  • Prompt responses and clear communication with you
  • Making sure we understand each other and what you want/prefer from me
  • My authentic and real presence, including plenty of insights, travel adventures, funny stories, and lessons learned along the way

People generally want me to talk about:

  • Mindfulness and focus (I was a Zen monk for 16 months)
  • Finding Adventure in everyday life
  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Getting beyond regrets and routines to create a more passionate life
  • My Top-20 performance on America’s Got Talent

Let’s Get Started – Contact Me

If you are interested in having me speak to your audience, simply complete this quick form and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Thank you!

Here are a few Podcasts I have appeared on

Jeff Goins is a best-selling author of five books (and counting.) Jeff is a friend of mine, and I consider him one of the most creative and talented people I know. I was a member of Jeff’s MasterMind group for several years. Jeff’s the real deal!

Jeff asked me to speak to 250 people at his Tribe Conference in 2019 about mindfulness and creativity.

Jeff also had me on his podcast to discuss How to Travel the World and Write About It.

Here are a few ways to listen to this episode now:

Mike Vardy  is a prolific and efficient powerhouse! Mike created the Productivityist platform to help people define their day, filter their focus, and make every moment matter to achieve a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Mike invited me on his podcast, “A Productive Conversation.” We covered a lot of ground, including focus, dealing with negativity, routines,  and inspiration.

Mike called this episode, “This Amazing Adventure Called Life with Lex Latkovski.”

Here are a few ways to listen to this episode now:


Marie Sonneman invited me on her Badass podcast series entitled, Ordinary to Badass. Marie’s podcasts focus on some seriously badass guests and their wins and losses and the habits and practices that have gotten them to where they are now.  To help you go from Ordinary to Badass, Marie and her guests encourage you to embrace confidence, have a growth mindset, and realize you already have what it takes.

We talked about procrastination, world travel, mindfulness, and serving others.

Oh, and I was officially the first male guest on Marie’s podcast, so there’s that!

Maries does a great job interviewing her guests and comes prepared. We had quite a few laughs along the way.

Do you know someone badass who might be a solid fit for Marie’s Ordinary to Badass podcast? Hook ’em up!

Here are a few ways to listen to this episode now:

Alain Guillot invited me to his podcast to chat about several interesting topics including:

  • Leaving a secure job and a stable life to discover the world and live life on my own terms.
  • How we become complacent and postpone living our lives to a date that may never come
  • How to travel the world
  • Why people prioritize the status quo over living a life full of adventure
  • How I started a Kickstarter campaign to be accountable and force myself to finish a book about my travels
  • How I found a girlfriend with whom to share my travel adventures
  • and more

Alain writes and podcasts about personal finance, entrepreneurship, social issues, and personal development. He interviews experts, authors, scientists, and others to extract the techniques of successful people to share with his followers.

Here are a few ways to listen to this episode now:

Deante Young had me on his podcast to talk about going after what you what in life, getting past procrastination, and staying away from negative people.

Deante is the author of four personal development books including countless nuggets of wisdom gleaned from his life and high achievers in business, fitness, and entrepreneurship.

Here are a few ways to listen to this episode now: