The End Of That Day

The conclusion to one of the craziest adventures in my life. Seriously, don’t try this at home. You have got to be kidding me!
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The Day After That Day

You gotta be kidding me!!! Another river crossing??? Surely I will get to my destination soon, right? Wrong! So how do you top a day of elephant rides and muddy motorbike adventures in Laos? Read on my friends, I’ll show you how.
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A Day In The Life

Elephant Rides. Waterfalls. Riding through an endless rainstorm. Massive crop fires. Driving in the dark yet again. Another day… Another crazy adventure. Wahooooo!
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The Diary of Dirty Harry

Dirty Harry and I race all over the great country of Laos. Dead Snake Guy. Bamboo Raft River Crossings. Village kids enjoying my iPad. Wildfires. You gotta get to Laos!
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King Of Bus

King Of Bus - Vang Vieng - Laos

If I bumped into you at a party and called you “King Of Bus”, would you be offended? Flattered? Confused? Waterfalls. Dirtbike. Blue Lagoon. Laos is simply amazing! Read on…