Money In Your Mouth

Don't trust the banks? Tired of getting bombarded with fees for letting the bank hold your hard-earned money? Do what they do in Central Asia... put your money where your mouth is. Central Asia is the land of the Golden Grill.

This Old Horse

The conclusion to my crazy horse-trekking adventures in Mongolia. Plenty of great people, sunsets and world-class scenery, but too many difficult people and physically threatening moments. I am glad I went to Mongolia... and I am glad I left.
Frodo and Lex.jpg

And The Horse You Rode In On

A quick 12-day tour of China's 4 largest cities, and reunions with 4 dear old friends along the way. Horse trekking in northern Mongolia along the Russian Border near Khovsgol Nuur Lake. Amazing scenery and wilderness. And crazy drunk people. You gotta love Mongolia!